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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sex Appeal II: Come Again 

Sex Appeal is back! Bigger, harder, longer, funnier. Come!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Under Cover: Erotica and Sexism 

I'm very proud of this talk I gave at The Lost Lectures in May 2012 about sexism of erotic book covers. I even managed to squeeze in feminist issues alongside challenging the hypocrisy of the publishing industry - which is nice. Not to mention talk of cock, obviously: we all need more of that.


Credit to Erotica Cover Watch for their inspiration for my talk.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am very pleased to announce that Girl with a One Track Mind is now available here as an eBook; you can instantly download it to your Kindle, iPad, or other e-reading device.

To those people unfamiliar with the book, or this blog, I want to warn you not to expect fluffy sex, like Fifty Shades of Grey; it's more about the Bully Wank. And, unlike that fictional trilogy, my book is a memoir based on my real life (as documented in this blog) and all true.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sex Appeal 

I've been very busy over the last few months and I'm proud to finally announce what I've been working on: Sex Appeal - a fund raising comedy night taking place in January at London's Bloomsbury Theatre, on behalf of the young people's sexual health charity Brook.

Regular readers will know that I'm an ambassador for Brook, and that I am passionate about the wonderful work that they do. So it gives me great pride and joy to be organising this event for them; with the line-up we have, it looks set to be a superb night. (If you want to attend, get your tickets quickly: we launched the event today and they're selling very fast!)

As well as supporting Brook, I also hope that this event will raise awareness about the state of sex education in UK schools and how certain members of the government seem set on undermining the quality and content of this. In addition, we're currently facing a very real threat to women's access to abortion, and I want to draw attention to this and help prevent further attacks on reproductive rights. I have written about this in today's Guardian and I do hope that by bringing these issues to the fore, we can get people mobilised, and ensure that when the battles come - and they surely will - we will be ready to fight the sex-positive corner.

Bring it on.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Comedians: a list 

Earlier today, I asked for recommendations of female comedians to follow/go and see live. The lovely people of Twitter did not disappoint; here is (in no particular order, but I have eliminated any non-UK based ones, sorry) the full list of recommendations from almost a hundred people:

Jen Brister
Andi Osho
Sarah Millican
Shappi Khorsandi
Helen Arney
Joanna Neary
Miranda Hart
Susan Calman
Josie Long
Jessica Fostekew
Viv Groskop
Catie Wilkins
Janey Godley
Maeve Higgins
Hannah Gadsby
Lucy Porter
Kerry Godliman
Sue Perkins
Nadia Kamil
Gina Yashere
Jo Caulfield
Andrea Mann
Dawn French
Jennifer Saunders
Jo Brand
Helen Keen
Kate Smurthwaite
Mel Metcalf
Bethany Black
Vikki Stone
Laura Carr
Bec Hill
Suzi Ruffell
Tiffany Stevenson
Ava Vidal
Holly Walsh
Zoe Lyons
Rachel Parris
Isy Suttie
Roisin Connaty

Sara Pascoe

Emily Watson Howes

The Boom Jennies 

Jessica Ransom

Jenny Eclair

Jojo Sutherland

Pauline Goldsmith

Anna Crilly & Katy Wix

Kate Lucas

Sarah Bennetto

Tara Flynn 

Eleanor Tiernan

Celia Pacquola
Meryl O’Rourke
The Segue Sisters
Diane Spencer
Sarah Kendall
Laura Solon
Hannah Warman
Grainne Maguire
Natalie Haynes
Diane Spencer
Cara Cummings
Harriet Kemsley
Samantha Hannah
Hayley Crossland
Amy Hoggart
Sunna Jarman
Hannah Warman
Lauren Shearing
Steph Peart
Laura Lexx
Nat Luurtsema
Diane Morgan
Lizzie Roper
Miss D
Jane Hill
Hattie Hayridge

EDIT: I've not had time to add links to Twitter names (where applicable), but will add these to this list when I can.

Know of any omissions? Email Girlwithaonetrackmind AT gmail DOT com and I’ll update the list.

Know everyone on this list? Excellent, spread the word.

Don’t know everyone on this list? Search for a gig, pay your money, show your support.

Not enough of these talented funny women are on our TVs. Let’s fucking change that.

Friday, June 17, 2011


I've often wanted to write a homage to Diamond Geezer's wonderful Single Life posts, but his succinct descriptions of single vs. coupled life are far better than I could ever come up with.

But I've been thinking about this quite a lot recently, and here are some I'd like to share:

Single: You can have sex with whoever you want, whenever you want.
Coupled: You have the best, most intimate, sex ever with one special person.

Single: You have the time to enjoy all the activities you want to do.
Coupled: You enjoy all the activities you want to do with someone else.

Single: You are free to hang out with your friends.
Coupled: You get to hang out with your best friend all the time.

Long-time readers might assume that the first on the list is the area closest to my heart (or other areas...), but actually it's the last; I miss my best mate.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


It's not about 'reclaiming' the word slut; it's about opposing victim-blaming and challenging the sexist double-standards with regards to sexuality.

I'll be there on Saturday to make my voice heard, I hope you will too.

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